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What Editors Have Said
  • "It's a wonderful piece." Cheryl Embrett, HomeMaker's
  • "A most excellent cover story." Jim McElgunn, Managing Editor, Marketing Magazine
  • "She writes superbly and with great wit... It's a pleasure working with her." Ursula & Eldrid Retief, Editors, Canadian Traveller
  • "You managed the culinary piece really well and I loved the passion in the Quebec piece." Penny Whitman, Courier Magazine 
  • "This was a tough assignment, and you've really come through." Dan Bortolotti, Today's Parent
  • "You packed lots of mood and feeling into so few words -- really fine stuff." Penny Williams, Editor, Canadian 

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Veteran Canadian writer, journalist, and broadcaster Judy Waytiuk was the first woman in Canada to become a news director in private television-- in 1987 when she left the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation after 15 years, to take on responsibility for Canwest Global TV's Winnipeg news and regional current affairs. She left television seven years later "to get my life back. Moving into management took me away from what I do best and love most-- telling stories." 
During her years in broadcast media, she served the CBC, Canada's national public broadcasting network, as a reporter, news radio host, news anchor, producer, documentary writer, and assignment editor. At Global, she became Winnipeg's news director and the Western Canadian executive producer of public affairs programming.
Throughout that career, though, writing remained her primary passion. A Dean's Honours list graduate in political science and English from the University of Manitoba with a post-graduate degree in Journalism (Honours) from Ottawa's prestigious Carlton University program, her aim has always been to make her living as a writer.
Since moving into the freelance world, she's written more than three thousand features (she can keep track because her numbered invoices are now in the 3500 range) for dozens of newspapers, magazines and websites, and won five major national and international awards for her travel writing; see her Credits page for the lengthy list of major publishing credentials. She began working in photography soon after she went freelance, and is able to supply solid images to go with her travel pieces. "I discovered that when you look through the lens to find the telling visual moments, identifying those moments helps clarify your story focus as well," she notes. "It's also huge fun."
She's covered travel stories in the Yukon at forty below, the Dominican Republic at forty above, and all over North and Central America at every temperature range in between. During the winter, she travels Mexico, the Caribbean and, paradoxically, Canada's North. Summer is reserved for exploration of other Canadian destinations.
But her heart is happiest year-round when she's writing about Canada.