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STALWART SENTINELS OF THE PRAIRIE  (Oct 2003, Americas) 'Prairie giants' are fast-fading in Canada's landscape.  2003 Northern Lights Award Winner.
HOME ON THE RANGE?  (Oct 2006, Americas) The majestic bison makes a massive comeback on America's Great Plains and Canada's Prairies.  CANADA'S FIVE BEST CITIES FOR KIDS  (April 2001,Today's Parent) We examine kid-friendly Canadian cities-- and discover some pleasant surprises.
OH, BABY!  (Nov 2001, Airlines) There is no sight sweeter than that of a tiny polar bear cub snuggled up to mom's flank.  2001 TMAC Best Article Winner
AY, TEQUILA!  (Spring 2007, Atmosphere) It's a historic Mexican tradition, and some of the finest of this liquid fire is as drinkable as fine brandy.
OLD WIVES' TALES  (Dec. 2001, Readers Digest) Truth, lies, and all those fuzzy grey areas in the whoppers your mama used to tell you.
A TREASURE WROUGHT FROM SILVER  (Nov 8, '03, National Post) Once one of Mexico's major silver cities, the pink city of Zacatecas retains its magnificently-preserved architecture. KINDRED WATCHMEN OF THE EARTH  (August 2006, Americas) The world of the Haida slowly disappears in Canada's Queen Charlotte islands.
2008 CTC Best Travel Story Winner
THE BLUNDER YEARS  (Summer 2007, More) Why we women get  glitches in our middle-aged memory files-- and what we can do about it. Yup, girls-- it's hormones! And lack of sleep, and too much multi-tasking, and...
DANCING WITH DOLPHINS  (March 2000, Canadian) You never recapture that original, heart-stopping moment. But you try. Oh, how you try.
DIP, DIP AND SWING  (July 1999, Canadian)  Wilderness woman meets the Canadian Shield-- and learns to laugh with the loons. AT THE LAKE  (June 2003,Today's Parent) How to rent a sort-of affordable piece of summer paradise and avoid skunky, swampy, buggy, downright icky surprises.
PEOPLE OF THE CLOUDS  (Nov 9, 2002, National Post) In the remote mountains of north Oaxaca, eco-tourism helps native people survive.  2002 Pluma de Plata Winner
PRAIRIE WORDS  (Autumn 1998, Imperial Oil Review) Cowboy poetry started around campfires a century ago, and still warms Prairie souls.
MEDS ALERT  (July 2003,Today's Parent) Medical mistakes can happen. Make sure your kids get the right doses, meds, and medical treatments.
RIDING THE WILD SEAL RIVER  (Spring 2004, Going Places) Twelve days worth of Class Five rapids? The ride's worth the wet.
8 GREAT MANITOBA HIKES  (Sept 2001, Going Places) A short list of the best short and long Manitoba wilderness rambles.
THE CANADIAN RANGERS: TRUE NORTH STRONG AND FREE  (Fall, 2007, West) They stand steadfast guard in Canada's frozen Arctic.